2017 Crouching Tigers Internship

In 2017, for the first time, the Taiwanese American Scholarship Fund (TASF) partnered with the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) to provide a six-week internship opportunity to FIVE (past or current) TASF scholars who are at minimum in his or her second year of college. NCKU’s Crouching Tigers Program, supported by the Taiwan Government Ministry of Education since its inception in 2015, is designed to prepare Taiwanese American students for their professional career goals while gaining unique work experience in Taiwan.


NCKU’s 2017 Crouching Tigers Program was exclusively designed for the five selected TASF interns, who were placed at the Tainan Science Park, one of two sites managed by the Taiwan Government Technology Department’s Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP). During the six-week internship, the five TASF scholars were divided between the Investment Services Division and the Planning Office. Under the Investment Services Division, two were in the Investment Promotion Section, one in the Investment Affairs Section, and one in the Industry-Academic Research and Development Section, while under the Planning Office, one was in the Business Promotion Section.


The Investment Promotion Section interns visited and created guide drafts for various locations including the STSP, the Gallery of Archeology, public art exhibits at Park 17, Yingxi Lake, and Jimmy Park, Xingang Temple, Biotanico Inc., and the medical devices exhibition center at KH campus to understand the current situation of the aerospace industry in relation to the STSP, collect information about aerospace research institutes and testing verification fields, research the policies of and incentives offered by other industrial parks from around the world, discuss their findings, and create presentations to attract aerospace companies to station at the STSP.


The Investment Affair Section intern studied to understand the current situation at Shalun Green Energy Science Park, research the policies of and incentives offered by other industrial parks from around the world, collect information about green energy research institutes and testing verification fields, and report on and making plans and suggestions concerning the recruitment and integration of green energy companies into the STSP and the Shalun Green Energy Science Park.


The Industry-Academic Research and Development Section intern assisted in medical device alliance exchange meetings, visits of the medical devices exhibition center at KH campus by the minister, journalists, and distinguished guests, arrangements for STSP Medical Devices Overseas Research and Commercialization Center meetings, preparations for smart biomedical subsidy plan review meetings, and preparations for medical clusters to join the domestic exhibition and matchmaking exchange activities.


The Business Promotion Section intern assisted in searching and collecting start-up resources, creating start-up team plan catalogs, collecting marketing analysis information, and making start-up team presentations in English.


In addition to their separate assignments, all interns took cultural courses in calligraphy, food, tea, puppetry, Tai-chi, Chinese knotting, Chinese chess, and Kung-fu at the NCKU during their second week internship.